Cadet Leadership (2)

The Cadet Leadership 2 course aims to further develop the leadership and team skills of Cadets aged 15+. It is essential that delegates have previously attended Cadet Leadership 1, with a recommended gap of at least six months between the two courses.

This is a general leadership and development programme that should be made available to all young people, not just those seeking promotion. This course should be considered a prerequisite for those being considered for appointment as a leading Cadet.

Attendance on this course counts as a subject in either the Communications or Personal Development arm of the Grand Prior Award Scheme.

This course should be run on a residential basis in order for participants to gain the maximum benefit.

By the end of the course, Cadets will be able to:

  • State the different styles of leadership
  • Describe the differences between groups and teams
  • Describe their role as leaders of young people
  • Explain that they will have to work with people with different views and opinions to themselves
  • State how to deal effectively with conflict situations
  • List the skills required to listen effectively to young people
  • Lead a small of group of young people
  • Take an active role in the running of their Unit

For further information on this course contact 0300 2011 999 or email

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