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This course is available for all young people who wish to improve on their presentation skills and gain confidence in giving presentations. This one day course covers the practical competencies for planning and delivering a practical skill session as part of a training session. The course includes facilitating a practical skill session, simple visual aids, using questioning techniques to confirm understanding and supporting learners. This course covers units T4.1, T4.2 and T4.4 of the adult verification scheme.

At the end of the course cadets should be able to:

  • structure a session
  • use questioning techniques
  • use simple visual aids
  • demonstrate the use of EDIP

Cadets wishing to access this course should be at least 14 years old. The course must be led by a Training Development Adviser (TDA) and assisted by suitable youth trainers who are familiar with the trainer competencies. Cadets who have already completed Cadet Trainer 2 or 3 may assist the course trainers as group support staff.

After completing the course, participants should take every opportunity to gain experience by helping to deliver demonstration skill sessions at their unit. Their work will need to be supervised and feedback given. Within three months of attending the course participants must arrange for their TDA to assess their progress (using skill test 9) and complete knowledge requirements so that this unit can be signed-off. This information should be held in their Cadet Trainer Portfolio.

For further information on this course contact 0300 2011 999 or email

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